sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

This is me!

I’m Hermínia Teixeira and I’m Portuguese. I’m fifty-one. I’m called «Mina» for short. My best friend is Teresa. She’s a very good person. She is from Pedroso. This is a picture of Mosteiro de Pedroso. It is a big church in V N Gaia.
I live in Alheira, a small village in V N Gaia. This is a city on the North coast of Portugal. I like to live here because it has beaches, countryside and Port cellers. I’m a student in the evening in a E F A Course. I’ve eight teachers. My schoolmates have different ages and they have different jobs.
I like all sorts of films but I prefer romantic ones. I like to take a walk by the sea but my favourite hobby is travelling. In fact, I’m going to Italy this year to visit my soon.

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José disse...

Very well done Hermínia!