sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

this is me!

I’m Edson and I’m Portuguese.

I’m 21, and I like computers, and I am addicted to videogames.

I live in Perosinho, a small village in the city of Gaia.

Perosinho has a good thing: its close to almost everything.

I’m a student in an EFA class at the Carvalhos high school.

I’m one of the youngest students in the class.

It’s a class with many different ages.

I like American TV series. Dexter is awesome!

I also like all sorts of music but my favorite singer is Eminem – he is crazy.

I even like to go to the cinema I love the environment.

This is me!

I'm Joana Lopes and i'm eigtheen years old.
I live in Canelas, V.N.Gaia. I'm engaged. My best friend is Catarina Fungo Gandra. She lives in Miramar, V.N.Gaia. Vila Nova de Gaia is a big town on the north coast of Portugal and Miramar is a seaside resort and it's great in summer.
I'm a student in an EFA course in Carvalhos high school and i have got eigth teachers. My favourite band at the moment is Da Weasel. I also like going to the cinema with my boy friend.

sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

conflitos americanos

Algumas das atrocidades dos Estados Unidos da América